How much use can I get out of square tubing?

Countless users value square tubing and the advantages it brings. The popularity is primarily due to their long-lastingness, durability, and performance. It should not surprise you that the use of the tube is massive in scope. You can use them for simple architectural columns as well as more intricate creations. Examples of these include modern metal gates and decorative dividers. If you need them, we offer the best ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands.

What are square tubes?

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsBefore going further into the uses, let’s explain what the tubes are and how you manufacture them. Like a number of metal items, you begin by unwinding strips from a pre-finished steel coil. Said coil passes through a myriad of press brakes, dies, and machines. It is possible to complete this process at room temperature.

Square tubing has the means to sport its signature cross-sectional appearance thanks to the inner welding. Before distribution, you can put some finishing touches on with secondary processing such as galvanisation


One of the main uses of square tubes is columns. People use the tube here because of how it can bare individual loads. The material variation doesn’t matter. Contrary to what you might believe, the hollow form is still able to support the loads. You may even prefer them over solid materials because of how lightweight the tubing is. This attribute gives them an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. It’s one capable of rivalling pure concrete, PVC, or wood.

It is true that you can set square tubes up as full-blown column structures. At the same time, you can combine them with concrete to strengthen the structure, enhancing tensile strength. Due to concrete being a semi-brittle substance, adding in tubing lets it bear physical impacts better. Also, you can lower construction costs. Talk to us if you need the finest ERW steel tubes West Midlands has.


Another application you can use square tubing for is fencing. This can be agricultural or residential. With the former, the tube can give you a secure enclosure to protect and house farming livestock and machinery. In contemporary homes, the tubes are suitable materials for gardens and backyards. You can cut and shape the tube into different sizes. As a result, you can design a fence that meets all your needs.

Compared to other fencing materials, square tubes possess more practicality. This is because they don’t rust if you choose galvanised steels or coated ones. The finishes enhance the tubing’s surface too, so they can improve the aesthetics.

Entry gates

Square tubing comes in handy when making entry gates too. Like with fencing, there are plenty of residential applications. Homeowners aiming to finish their contemporary or ultramodern house will want the advantages of tube. The functionality is also a big selling point.

Any residential gate will augment a property’s security. Square tubing takes things further though by introducing a design element. To give an example, cold-formed tubes are very malleable and ductile. This lets us mould them into differing designs. Another possibility would be to fit them with other contemporary home solutions. Examples would be automatic gate openers and access control.

Decorative dividers

Room dividers or wall partitions are primarily for aiding us in separating spaces in a particular building. However, there is also an aesthetic side. They can complement other elements such as ceilings, roofing, and metal wall cladding.

If you ever intend to use dividers in your property, square tubing is the way forward. The metal will do a fantastic job at holding under extreme environments. Furthermore, you only have to coat them once, with minimal maintenance.

We meet the highest standards with our ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

At Union Steel Tubes, we’re committed to providing the highest standards to every client. This is both in terms of the products we supply and the customer care on offer. Since we cover so many bases, we’re confident we can provide you with a first class experience.

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