How have ERW become a great option for chemical processing?

The chemicals industry is one of the most important in the world. It is responsible for converting various raw materials into a wide array of different products. This can include acids, pharmaceuticals, fertiliser, and much more. The chemicals can also be vital for producing other products, including plastics. As a top producer of ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands, we want to look at how our products can be used for chemical processing.

A huge industry

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsThe thing to keep in mind here is how big the chemical industry is. Interestingly, the first large scale production was in 1749. This was a factory in Prestonpans, Scotland producing sulphuric acid. As the Industrial Revolution matured in the 19th century though, more and more large scale producers began operating. By the 1920s there were massive conglomerates in the UK, US, Germany, and France. It soon became known as the heavy chemicals industry because of the sheer size of the operations.

Making chemicals is a very challenging process. The facilities rely on tubing to efficiently move raw materials and the final products. Safety is crucial here because of the danger of coming into contact with any of the substances. It is therefore important to reduce the risk of things like leaks.

Seamless and ERW

In the past many operators would favour seamless tubing. It had an advantage because there were no welds so the chance of leaks was lower. However, there were a few limitations. Most notably was the cost of the tubing. It was more difficult to make, requiring more equipment and additional processes. This had an impact on the price of the tubes. In addition, there were limits on the lengths and sizes.

One thing we know really well because we are a top provider of ERW tubes in the West Midlands is the big improvements in quality. There have been advances in several crucial areas, including rolling and welding. As a result, the tubing is much better today than it has ever been.

A major improvement has been desulfurization. It ensures there is less sulfur in the steel. So, when it comes to welding, it massively improves the quality of the bond.

There is also a much broader range of steel alloys to choose from today. This can include specialist ones with additions like vanadium, titanium, and niobium. They provide better characteristics, including corrosion resistance. It can also reduce the carbon content, making tubes stronger.

While the quality has improved dramatically, ERW tubes are still more cost effective than seamless. As a result, businesses in the chemicals industry could reduce their costs. Welded tubing also offers more options in terms of sizes and shapes. Modern processes increase the dimensional accuracy too, ensuring there is less deviation in things like wall thickness and diameter.

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