How do the steel and copper gas tubes compare to each other?

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New buildings

Gas line installation is a critical element of any new building. It enables you to link the entire property to the supplies for heating and other uses. The systems often employ the use of copper tubes. However, steel tube is also common. Before diving in head first and just picking one of them, you need to understand the characteristics of both. With the right knowledge, you will be able to make the right decision.

Copper gas tubes

ERW tubesThe primary reason for the use of copper is that it is a malleable metal. It can stretch without damage. This is an essential concern for applications involving high temperatures. It involves preparing enough room for installations, since they can increase in size.

One thing to remember about copper tubes though is that they are smaller when you compare to steel tubing. The walls are thinner too.

Steel gas tubes

As we said above, steel tubing for gas lines has larger diameters. The walls are also thicker. As a result, you have a stiffer product. There is no need for you to attach it to a wall using extra fixtures either. Steel tubes used for gas line installation also experience thermal expansion. Such a feature makes them appropriate for working in environments with high temperatures. Contact us if you are looking for the greatest ERW tubes.

How long do they last?

As for the lifespan of the tubing, both steel and copper tubes can last for an incredibly long time. It can range from 20 to 50 years. In many cases, people replace these materials with PVC. However, the lifespan of these is debatable.

What about other features?

Both steel and copper have interesting features. Copper tubes are functional and look good. However, even though they are good decorations, you can’t use them in recessed systems.

Steel tube has as much strength as copper, with the extra benefit of you being able to place them in walls. This feature, plus the fact that they are stiffer, makes them more appealing for gas line installation.

A full collection of ERW tubes

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