Hot-formed and cold-formed pipework have their differences

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Electric resistance welded carbon steel tubes have seen successful use over the years. This is especially true in industrial and building pipework projects. In recent history however, we have begun to see more commodity welded, imported tubes. These are ones that could prove to be less appropriate for standard piping projects. Imports of this nature are cold-formed in order to shape them from strip steel. However, they may have a flaw along the weld seam.

Heat Affected Zone

One potential issue with these tubes is the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ). This is a place of micro-structural distortion encircling the weld region. It occurs because of heat from the welding operation to join both ends of the strip after rolling. Because of the heat here and lack of further processing, there may be inconsistent mechanical attributes and interior stresses. These can lead to a host of complications. For example it can affect performance, fabrication, service-life, and installation.

While in some cases the inconsistent weld characteristics can be an issue, in some cases they become a major problem. This is for tubes in applications such as those under the European Pressure Equipment Directive. Here, the weld’s attributes need to equal those of the tube.

High Frequency Welding and hot-finishing

Several forms of tubes use the High Frequency Welding procedure. This is better than standard forms of ERW tube production. Many others use the hot-finish process too. Here, you take tubes to temperatures between 850 to 1000ÂșC. Next, you cool them down. To do so, you use controlled methods to provide enhanced characteristics. During the operation, the HAZ, as well as mechanical inconsistencies or interior stresses, get removed.

Knowing the above, it becomes clear that hot-finished tubes are superior to their cold-formed counterparts. They provide stress-free and uniform performance. What’s more, there is an augmented service life and consistent mechanical properties. To get your hands on the best ERW steel tubes West Midlands has, get in touch with us.

No need to worry about cracking

You can readily manipulate or shape hot-formed tubes without worrying about cracking. This is thanks to the higher ductility. Consequently, this leads to installation and fabrication advantages. In addition, these tubes can normally work at higher pressures and temperatures. Therefore, hot-formed tubes are more appropriate for a greater range of applications.

HFW from strip

One last point we would like to make is about HFW tubing being created from strip. Since this is the case, there is a more consistent thickness and roundness when you compare to seamless tubing. Therefore, there is superior end matching when it comes to pipe joining.

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