ERW tube perfect for creating shop fittings

At Union Steel Tubes we always love working with clients on new, interesting projects. It gives us the chance to use our wealth of experience with ERW tube to find the right solutions for them. In many situations it also leads us to expand our capabilities. Whatever the application you have in mind, we could be the perfect company to work with.

The retail sector is currently dealing with a period of rapid change. More and more businesses are finding success online while others can struggle on the highstreet. However, some buck the trend and can become a very popular shop, having no trouble attracting people. So, what is the secret? Part of it is offering great products that are not available online. In addition, it is providing a specific service. Thirdly, it can be delivering a unique experience that people enjoy.

Outfitting a shop

ERW tube for shop fittingThe great thing to keep in mind is that a shop is a blank canvas that you can be creative with. There is no reason to stick to tired, boring old standards. Instead, why not create eye catching systems for displaying goods, decorating, and checking out.

ERW tube is a great product here. You can use it to create everything from racks and rails to a counter. With the right service the tubes can easily fit together to allow you to build whatever you want. It is even possible to bend and adapt the tubes to create corners, angles, and more.

The tubes provide a number of benefits here. For starters you can have high quality steel that is strong and durable. That means it should be able to support the weight of various things. When it comes to shelves, racks, counters, and even furnishings, this is crucial. On top of this the tubing can be long lasting, have good wear resistance, and holds residual value. It can also be surprisingly cost effective.

Bespoke tubing can provide yet another major benefit. With it you can create unique shop fittings that help you make the most of the space you have available. This is much better than trying to make standard ones fit and potentially wasting room or creating a layout that is cramped and confusing.

Talk to us about ERW tube

At Union Steel Tubes we are confident we can provide products to suit any need. This is because we offer such a wide array of tubing, including a choice of shape, diameter, and wall thickness. We create the products at our own mills, ensuring the quality is excellent.

So, if you need ERW tube for anything, please contact us. You can tell us your ideas or ask us for advice about what is possible with the tubes. Then, we can help you to place an order and arrange a fast turnaround so you get your products as soon as possible.