Ensuring weld seams meet the right standards

At Union Steel Tubes our main focus is offering high quality products for the best prices. We are an ISO 9001 company and have processes in place to deliver consistent standards with our products and services. As a result, we are the top name for ERW steel tubes West Midlands has. Local companies and businesses across the UK can rely on us to offer tubing.

Meeting higher standards

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsIn the past there were limits on the uses of ERW tube because of how it is made and the weld seam. Users would look at the break in the material and say it was not suitable for structural and high pressure applications. They would avoid it because of the risk that the weld could allow a failure during use.

Today it is more common to use ERW tubing for high pressure applications. This is because the quality of welds and manufacturing processes is much better. For example, high frequency welding can help to create stronger, more stable bonds. So, the tube can handle pressurisation to certain points.

However, while the tube is suitable for more high pressure uses, it must meet stricter standards. For example, the weld quality must be higher, ensuring it has the necessary toughness. There are also more stringent flaw tolerances. While modern manufacturing processes can reduce flaws in plate and welds, they cannot completely remove them. As a result, inspection is important.

Inspecting tubing

Non-destructive testing is very important when creating any kind of metal goods. It is especially so if you are producing tubing for high pressure applications. The tests allow the manufacturer to look for flaws within the tube and weld, including things like pores, lips, and voids.

With testing though it is important to use the right method. There are lots of options, including ultrasonic, radiographic, and dye penetration. It is vital to choose one that will allow a look at surface and subsurface defects, including those deep within the weld. The tests can also check the overall quality of the weld bond.

Ordering ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

Union Steel Tubes understands the importance of getting the welding right when we create tubing. That is why we ensure our engineers have the right training and experience. It is also why we provide the highest quality equipment and materials. Plus, we have checks in place to test welds for defects and flaws. This ensures they conform to standards for different uses.

So, if you need ERW steel tubes, West Midlands has no better supplier. We deliver products that are suitable for lots of applications. Clients can speak to us about all of the specifics, including type of steel, shape, wall thickness, and more.