Ensuring that the quality of tubing is up to standard

When you have to complete a project, you need to make certain you have the right resources. However, some situations will demand that you use specialist utensils, even with tubing. That is why we offer the finest ERW steel tubes West Midlands has. Should you find yourself in need of these products, you can come to us.

You must be sure of quality with stainless steel tubing

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsThere are many things you need to be sure of with stainless steel tube, especially if you choose large diameter products. The most important is whether the ones you are using are high quality. However, not everyone understands how to determine this. What we will be doing here is discussing that topic and how to identify the right large diameter tubes.

Are there folding lines?

First off, low quality stainless steel tubing can show lines where there has been a fold. The reason for folding lines is that some manufacturers pursue high efficiency and the reduction ends up being too excessive. This can lead to tears and generates a rolling fold. Unfortunately, it can have a big impact on the strength of the tubing, degrading it. Thus, when picking large diameter tubes, you should check to see if they have folding lines.

Can you see signs of scarring?

Secondly, lacklustre production can result in surface scarring. There are two main reasons why this can happen. Firstly would be that the material to create the large diameter steel tubing isn’t pure. The impurities can be visible on the surface. The second reason is that the manufacturers will be using bad equipment.

Knowing this, when searching for your tubing, you don’t want to go for the cheapest option. Cheaper tubes are more likely to have problems due to the quality of the raw material and the equipment they use.


Another way to identify whether a tube has decent quality is looking to see if it has cracks. The presence is a sure sign they are not up to standard. It can mean that you will suffer with issues with strength, fatigue, and leaks if you use the tube. During the cooling procedure, crude stainless steel tubing is going to crack due to the thermal stress. Again it is down to poor manufacturing.

A lack of metallic lustre

Lastly, low quality stainless steel tubing can lack that metallic lustre. It often happens because the interior rolling temperature isn’t up to standard. Due to this, the properties of your steel tubes aren’t going to be compliant.

Choose the best ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

By learning how to recognise lacklustre stainless steel tubing, you will be able to tell the difference between poor and high quality goods. If you are seeking top tier tubes that lack faults, we can help. We have been supplying ERW tubes for years. Our business uses the best equipment and employs the most skilful technicians. As a result, we ensure that everything meets our high standards.

At Union Steel Tubes, we provide tubes in many different sizes and shapes. In addition, we offer specialist options like seamless and pre-galvanised. The intent here is to give you optimum choice when you shop with us.

So, if you desire the best ERW steel tubes West Midlands has, please give us a call. We can help you to choose products for any need.