Comparing the advantages of seamless and welded tubes

Tubes are utilised for conveying gases, fluid, and solids at times from one area to another. They are crucial parts of many industries. Examples are power generation, chemical processing, and oil and gas. Tubing comes in several forms, materials, and sizes too. Welded and seamless are two of the main types. Our goal here is to compare the advantages of these two to help you choose the right solution. Then, if you decide you need to order ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands, you can speak to us.

Seamless tubes

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsStarting with seamless, they are tubes produced without any joining or welding procedure. You make them using solid cylindrical billets. These are heated, pierced, and then stretched over a mandrel to obtain the necessary size and shape.

One advantage of seamless tubing is the strength and durability. They possess a uniform structure. Due to the lack of seam and joints, the tube is durable and strong. This allows you to use them for high pressure projects.

Corrosion resistance is another benefit. The materials used for seamless tubes, namely stainless steel, resist corrosion. Thus, you are free to use the tube in corrosive settings. Examples of these are offshore oil rigs and chemical processing plants.

Precision is another notable benefit. The production of these tubes involves a high degree of accuracy. There is a smooth surface finish and a high level of dimensional accuracy. As such, you can use the products for projects needing precise measurements.

Reduced leakage is another advantage. We have already said that seamless tube does not have weld seams or joints. This lowers the danger of leaks. It means these tubes are perfect for projects where leakages could be expensive or dangerous.

The last advantage here is the low maintenance costs. In terms of demands, they are on the lower side. Due to the lack of weak points, you can use them for applications where you need to keep costs down. Contact us if you want the finest ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands.

Welded tubes

Moving onto welded, these are ones produced by welding the edges of a strip of metal together. It is possible to produce this tubing utilising a series of welding practices. Electric resistance is among them. There can also be additional processing to improve the properties and performance.

One advantage of these tubes is the cost effectiveness. Welded tube tends to be less expensive when you compare to seamless. The manufacturing work isn’t as complex and demands less equipment. As such, this option is excellent for applications where cost is a concern.

These tubes come in a large range of sizes as well. This includes huge diameters. As a result, you can use them in jobs that need bigger dimensions.

There is also a broader selection. It is possible to produce welded tubes using all kinds of materials and methods. This makes them versatile and appropriate for countless projects.

Finally, as we alluded to above, the tubing is not difficult to manufacture. You can automate the manufacturing process for high volume production in many cases. It makes them a great option if you need a large number of tubes.

Come to us for the best ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

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