Comparing ERW and spiral tubes

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A common fixture

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsTubes are a common find in all sorts of structures. For residential buildings, you can find them in HVAC, plumbing, or any other kind of fluid exchange set up that needs a transmission vessel. In industries like gas and oil, you can use the tubing to shift crude oil products prior to moving to the refinery. In each of these applications, picking between spiral and ERW tubes is a point of debate. For instance, the tube needs to meet specific requirements like durability, strength, and pressure.

Spiral and ERW tubes have been the leading picks for all kinds of applications. You can find both in tubing networks in the petrochemical industries. Yet, there are several crucial differences with the manufacturing processes for them. It is the same for performance, defects, surface quality, and pressure resistance. To learn more, please keep reading.

Pressure resistance

Both spiral and ERW tubes involve production phases that lead to stress on the product. This is what we call residual stresses. It is leftover on the tubes, even when you don’t have exterior forces applied to the material.

You will want to pick ERW tubes as much as you can here since they have lower residual stress. One contributing factor to this is the straight and longitudinal seam electric welding. It minimises the amount of stress. As well as this, the ERW tube’s post processing lowers the levels considerably. Please contact us if you need help from the greatest ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has.


Overall, ERW tubes lead to superior performance during use. Thanks to the single seam, you have a consistent flow of fluids. Moreover, there is a lower chance of incidents like bursts and leaks. Try comparing this to the numerous seams you find in spiral tubes. That can lead to inconsistent pressure alterations. These can influence one part of the tube or the whole thing.

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