Always prepare your joints

Ours is a business that places a special emphasis on a certain type of tubing, that of ERW tubes. Supplying them in over 200 sizes, as well as in a collection of shapes, our merchandise possesses the potential to meet a myriad of customer specifications. Created using only the best materials and procedures, our tubes are the ones you can depend on.

If there is a discussion surrounding welding stainless steel pipes and tubes, then you simply can’t go on without mentioning joint preparation. The usual trappings of welding this type of substance still apply here. This includes the likes of using dedicated files, brushes and grinders, which must never encounter aluminium or carbon steel.

Cleanliness is paramount here as well, because even the slightest trace components of alien materials that are introduced into the weld joint can result in flaws. In the end, what this shall lead to is a lower corrosion resistance. Since stainless steel is very sensitive to heat inputs to preserve its characteristics, both in terms of corrosion resistance and composition, the manner in which the tube is bevelled and cut can also have a negative influence on your weld.

Any lack of fit-up or gap means that the welder needs to utilise more filler metal and lower the speed of the welding process. This will result in a heat build-up in the affected area. What you will desire here, especially for high-purity and sanitary tubing, is as close to the perfect fit-up as you can obtain.

At Union Steel Tubes, our steel cutting and processing service makes it so that we can supply you with any tube length that you require. Additionally, the different finishes that we have, including those of deburred, or chrome or zinc plated, give you a host of ERW tubes to choose from.

Whatever your requirements happen to be, we would be more than happy to discuss them with you.