Alloy vs stainless steels

Steel is an alloy of carbon and iron. It has uses in all kinds of industries, such as military and construction. This is due to the quick fabrication, customisation, durability, and strength on offer. Of all the steel variants on the market, a big argument is alloy vs stainless steel. Picking your material should only happen after understanding their characteristics in relation to a project. What we are going to do here is discuss the two and determine which one you should use. Then if you want to work with a top ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands, you can come to us.

Alloy steel

This is a steel that merges more than a single alloying element. The exception is the iron and carbon found in carbon steel. The elements help enhance particular attributes that don’t exist or are insufficient in the parent materials. Examples include hardness, toughness, wear resistance, and strength. We classify alloy steels into low and high based on the percentage of alloying elements.

Low alloy steel

Here the additional elements don’t form anything more than 5% of the total material composition. Introducing the alloying elements increases the substance’s mechanical properties. Standard elements that can make up low alloy steels include Boron (B) and Tungsten (W). Others are Copper (Cu) and Nickel (Ni).

High alloy steel

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsThe elements form over 5% of the entire material composition in these steels. The greater % increases the materials’ mechanical features massively. Some of the alloying elements used here include Manganese (Mn), Chromium (Cr), and Tungsten (W).

Manganese is a common element in steels. If you add it with small quantities of sulphur and phosphorus it makes the steel alloy more malleable and less brittle.

Chromium has an effect depending on the %. When utilised at a small percentage, between 0.5% and 2%, it can increase the hardness of your steel. Higher percentages, 4% to 18% can augment corrosion resistance.

As for tungsten, it will amplify the steel’s structural makeup. Moreover, it increases heat resistance, resulting in a higher melting point.

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Stainless steel

This is a high alloy steel revered for its aesthetic appeal and heavy corrosion resistance. Normally, it holds 10.5% chromium at least. The higher the content, the better it can resist corrosive elements.

Chromium’s presence results in the creation of chromium oxide when encountering oxygen. This is a process called stainless steel passivation. It aids in protecting the metal and enables it to self-repair itself.

Depending on the grade and necessary properties, stainless steel also holds other alloying elements. Examples include nickel, manganese, and titanium.

Which metal best suits my applications?

With regards to what metal is best for your applications, there are certain factors you should look at. Consider these then speak to us if you want an ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands.

Functional requirements are up first. They will dictate the kinds of steel appropriate for your project. To give an example, corrosion resistance becomes vital if you use your components in a marine setting. Consequently, it is a good idea to make them using stainless steel. For construction, you’d need a strong alloy steel.

Budget constraints are another important factor. With costs, alloy steel is the cheaper option. Stainless is more costly. Saying this, you should never sacrifice quality in the name of cost efficiency.

Aesthetic preferences are next on the list. Stainless steel is among the most popular choices when it comes to aesthetics. Due to this, it is a good choice for interior design and architecture. The substance comes with a highly reflective exterior, resulting in it being modern and sleek.

Lastly, we have lifespan and maintenance. Stainless steel comes out on top here. It needs minimal maintenance. In addition, it can endure for years thanks to its self-repairing nature.

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