A closer look at different pipe ends

A massive thing in favour of metal tubes and pipes is you can join them together in different ways. This is possible thanks to the array of options for pipe ends. They allow you to connect to things like flanges, other sections of tube, and much more. As a leading expert at producing ERW tubes, we know about the various options and how they work. We want to take a closer look at them here so you know what you can choose.

Before we look at the types though, we just want to mention how important it is to think carefully about your needs. You should select ends with critical factors in mind such as safety and performance. Crucially, you need to look at how tight you want seals to be.

Plain end

ERW tubesPE tubes and pipes are the most basic form. They just have a simple 90 degree cut end. This can be finished to remove any burs.

There are some advantages with PE. Firstly, it is cost effective because generally all you need is cutting and simple finishing (sometimes the latter isn’t even necessary). The cut can also ensure the termination is flat and even.

Plan end ERW tubes are also a good choice due to the fact they give you a chance to use a wide array of fittings. For example, you could choose slip on flanges or socket weld fittings.

Threaded end

TE tubes and pipes feature tapering threads on the outside. They need to be machined with precision to ensure accuracy. Preparation is also vital during assembly. This can involve using sealing tape and lubricant.

The biggest advantage with the threads is it can create a stronger seal when connecting to different things. The tapering helps because it pulls the thread tight when you screw them in place.

Bevelled end

BE tubes and pipes feature a bevel instead of a flat end. The bevels can be different angles to suit various needs. However, they are typically 37.5 degrees. Machinists must add them to ERW tube with precision to ensure consistency.

The major advantage with bevelling is it makes welding easier. In fact they typically get the BW abbreviation to show they are specifically for buttwelding. You can weld them to a variety of fittings and flanges.

Grooved end

The final option is one of the most interesting. They typically have plain ends, but then have a grooved slot or joint a short distance along the length of the tube or pipe. The slot works as the seat for a flange, gasket, or other fitting.

This kind of tube end can offer a couple of major benefits. For one, it can create a tight, secure connection and good seal. In addition, it makes assembly easier as fittings won’t move. Plus, there is less risk of damage to components.

What end do you need for ERW tubes?

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