Rectangular ERW Tubes

Union Steel Tubes is a reputable company that has been supplying quality tubing for many years. We are proud to support clients in various industries, ensuring we can cater for a massive array of applications. Our product range is broad, including different shapes and sizes of tube. For example, we have a great selection of rectangular ERW tubes. In addition, we offer round, square, and oval ones.

Quality controls

Rectangular ERW TubesConsistently achieving the highest standards is very important to us. That is why we take a great deal of care when we are manufacturing and finishing tubing. We monitor the shape, weld, surface finish, and more. The end result is tube that each client can rely on.

To expand our quality even further, we are an ISO 9001 company. As a result we have quality management practices ingrained within our business. We keep a close eye on every single part of our organisation to make sure we always provide the very best services.


While our main focus is on quality, we also take the time to make our service as convenient as possible. For starters, we can cater for large and small orders alike. That means clients can come to us for any need.

Another thing we do to make our service convenient is to keep the lead time as short as we can. Unlike many producers, we keep a lot of tubing in stock ready to cut, finish, and dispatch. This can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes us to dispatch orders. In fact, in urgent situations we can offer same day delivery. This is available with most of our products, including many sizes of rectangular ERW tubes.

Cutting and finishing

We are proud to make our service a comprehensive one. Clients can come to us and arrange reliable services like cutting, galvanisation, and plating. We excel in each area, making sure the final tubes are ready to use. This is especially true when we need to cut tubing. A mistake here and it will ruin the tube. We work to avoid this, ensuring our team have the right tools and training.

Order rectangular ERW tubes

Whatever industry you are from, you can call on Union Steel Tubes for quality ERW tubing. We will do all we can to supply the exact products you need.

If, you aren’t sure about what would be best for you in terms of shape, wall thickness, length, or other specifics, you can ask us. As we said above, we have offered tubing for a variety of uses in many industries. Therefore, we have a lot of expertise to share. We may even have experience supplying products for a similar project to yours.

So, if you ever need rectangular ERW tubes or any other shape, contact us. You won’t find a better service and more value for money.