ERW Rectangular Hollow Section

At Union Steel Tubes our goal is to offer high quality products suitable for various uses. Our speciality is ERW tubes because they are so versatile. We manufacture them at our own mill, using the right raw materials and the best equipment. The range we offer is very broad, including ERW rectangular hollow section and many other options.

Quality assurances

We want customers to choose us because they know they will get the very best products. To showcase how much we prioritise quality, we are ISO 9001 registered. That means we have processes and management in place to monitor and achieve the highest standards. Every single tube we create goes through several checks to make sure it is ready to sell.

Catering for your specifications

ERW Rectangular Hollow SectionThe long years we have spent supplying tubing give us a great knowledge of just how useful it is. We get requests from clients in all kinds of industries. In fact the uses for tube seem to be growing year by year.

To ensure we can cater for as many requirements as possible, we make sure our range is as broad as it can be. To start with we offer a wide choice of shapes, including ERW rectangular hollow section. Clients can also choose oval, round, square, or rectangular products.

The options are even broader when you look at the specifics of the tubes. For example there are many choices for the wall thickness. It could be thick or thin to suit your needs. Then there is the option for length. We provide a cutting service so we can cut long sections to any measurement, including random lengths.

We expand the options even further by offering various choices for finishing the products. Some customers will choose the raw metal and finish it themselves. However others want pre-galvanised sections or plating so they can move straight on to assembly or installation. We can offer all of these.

Ordering ERW rectangular hollow section

Union Steel Tubes is a great company to work with. We make it very easy to order your products. We can even offer advice if you are unsure what to choose. Our wealth of knowledge means we can provide lots of tips and share the expertise we have accumulated.

From start to finish you can expect excellent customer service from us. We try to keep lead times as short as possible so we can dispatch products quickly. To do this we keep a lot of tubing in stock ready to cut. Usually the only time we take longer to deliver an order is if we need to create tube from scratch.

So, if you want to order ERW rectangular hollow section or any other type of tubing, please contact us. You won’t find a better service or higher quality products.