What is ERW tube?

We are a specialist tubing company that has helped its clients with all kinds of projects. The main thing we do is supply top quality ERW tubes. There are lots of options, including a choice of shape, diameter, length, wall thickness, and finish. As for the other ways we help, we provide information on a number of useful topics. One question that often comes up for us is “What is ERW tube?” We are always happy to answer it.

Explaining ERW

What is ERW tubeYou may not know what the ERW means with these handy steel tubes. There is no need to worry though, as we are here to guide you. It stands for Electric Resistance Welded. That is the manufacturing method where an electrical current heats the edges of a strip of steel that has been rolled or folded into a consistent shape. By adding pressure, the edges join together to create a strong bond and complete the tube.

What you end up with here is a very easy to work and lightweight tube. You can use it for all sorts of projects. Examples include fencing, scaffolding, railings, and more. The ERW tubes can be suitable for commercial and domestic settings.

The final product exists somewhere between seamless and welded steel tubes. For one, the tubing is more consistent in the surface texture. There usually isn’t an obvious weld seam. You should receive an extremely consistent edge that is durable, as well as being easy to drill, size, cut, and work.

Are there good reasons to use these tubes?

Often people follow up the what is ERW tube question with enquiries about why they should use it. There are plenty of reasons. One is that they are the most cost efficient option. This is due to how easy and cheap they are to manufacture.

ERW also has wonderful variance in relation to the sizing you can pick. It is possible to choose from multiple thicknesses. The only real limit here is the power of the rolling machinery. So, the tubes can range from thin walls to the biggest scale options typically for industrial facilities. There is a lot of choice and consumers can pick the diameter they need with ease.

You also get more options than other types of tube when you look at the shapes. You can order angular ones like rectangular or square. Or there are curved options like oval and round.

With ERW tubing, it is also very easy to generate large batches of items in small timeframes. It is possible to produce long tubes rapidly and cut them to the necessary lengths afterwards. What this means is that you can make bulk orders even when the schedule is tight.

Plus, you can choose tube where the ends are deburred to take care of any jagged material produced during cutting. You will be able to use these tubes right away, saving assembly time.

An environmentally friendly product

When you are working with ERW tubing, accuracy is integral. However, if there is an issue, you can recycle and reuse any waste. There is also minimal wastage during Electric Resistance Welding. Thanks to the use of efficient machinery, you can keep energy consumption to a minimum too. All of these details aid us in keeping costs low so that the tubing is cheaper to purchase. Furthermore, they make sure that manufacturing is as environmentally friendly as it can be.

Does that answer what is ERW tube? Ready to order?

Union Steel Tubes has always gone above and beyond to aid its customers. We hope the info above has answered the what is ERW tube question. If you are ready to order, we provide the finest quality products, test them to ensure they are suitable, and offer rapid delivery.

So, if there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are proud to be one of the most reliable ERW tubing experts in the UK.