Steel Tubes East Midlands

At Union Steel Tubes, we pride ourselves on being a reliable provider of steel tubes all kinds of East Midlands based businesses can rely on. No matter which kind of industry you work in, our experts will provide you with the exact type of tube that is needed for your product or service.

We offer a range of services in relation to providing you with the perfect steel tube. In order to get you the size required, we offer a bespoke cutting service. All cutting is done on our own premises using the latest and best equipment currently available to us, using either hand cutting, laser cutting or water jet cutting. Whichever method you choose, you can be assured that we can cut the size that you require and can cut through any tube, regardless of its thickness. Once we have cut the tubes to the required length, we also offer a deburring service to smooth the cut edges of the tube and provide an excellent finish. We can also provide custom finishes, such as a chrome finish, if that is what you require. Our experienced engineers will ensure the job is carried out fully and satisfactorily, cutting to the exact size needed with no exceptions.

However, if you simply need a tube in a generic size, then we are here for you with our selection of readily available stock. Our products are available in a myriad of sizes, thicknesses and widths, available both in stock with us and at our mill. They are also available as either seamless or pre-galvanised. Due to the fact that we keep a large stock of steel tubes ready and available for shipping at all times, regardless of shape, size or finish, we can ship them to you the next day. If you need our tubes in a hurry, we can even offer same day delivery or you can simply collect directly from our premises. This means that you are never without the products and parts you need in case of an emergency.

As an ISO 9001 registered company, we understand the importance of ensuring total customer satisfaction with all of our products and services. With over two hundred different sizes of tube in stock and a plethora of bespoke options available to customise the tube you need, there is no doubt that we are the supplier of steel tubes East Midlands businesses and companies have come to trust to deliver the tubes they need.