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Orders of any size are welcome, from a single length of tubing to a large batch of the same or different lengths. We can produce tubes in almost any dimensions you could require. In fact, we have a large stock of standard sizes ready to be cut. This is part of the reason we are the steel tube suppliers East Midlands relies on.

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steel tube suppliers East Midlands We offer both ERW and seamless tubing so we can cater for any width requirements. ERW tube is perfect when you need large widths and it offers the lowest costs. Seamless tube is stronger but there are limitations on the sizes you can choose. It can be expanded and reduced but only a certain amount before it affects the finish. We are happy to advise our clients on the options that are available and help them choose the best solution for their specific requirements.

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All of the tubing we produce can be finished in any way you need, from being left with the bare metal to galvanised or chromed plated. The finish will depend largely on the application you have in mind. Galvanisation is for corrosion protection and chrome plate offers aesthetic benefits. We can also deburr the ends and smooth the weld if you choose ERW tube.

We are successful steel tube suppliers because we offer high quality products at great prices. Our efficient processes mean we can fulfil many orders quickly. We are able to have items ready for dispatch within as little as 24 hours. We can even make bespoke tubes in short order. This is because raw materials are in stock and we have great machinery in place. As an ISO 9001 certified company customers can trust us to do all we can to ensure they have the best experience.

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Union Steel Tubes is based in Coseley in the Midlands. Our central location provides several benefits. The most important of these is the fact that it puts in the very heart of the UK. From our facility we can get items to most clients very quickly using reliable delivery services. Whether you work in the East Midlands, London or Scotland there aren’t many steel tube suppliers that can match us in terms of dispatch times and quality.