Steel Tube Suppliers Coventry

At Union Steel Tubes Ltd we have built a reputation as one of the first choices for discerning clients who need quality steel tube suppliers in Coventry and the rest of the Midlands. We provide the widest selection of steel tubes available on the market with a plethora of different shapes, thicknesses and sizes, and are also able to produce bespoke work for those clients who need something different from the available selection.

Established since 2004, we’re a fully registered company who are committed to upholding the highest standards of work in our industry. We stand out amongst other companies in the steel cutting industry in the sense that we are large enough to take on big orders and challenging jobs, but still small enough to offer a personal and attentive service to each client. We really care about providing the best quality product we can and will work hard to meet your needs as accurately and quickly as possible every time.

The steel cutting industry is constantly evolving so you need to know you’re working with a company who can offer an innovative, up to date service for you. We have invested in the latest cutting edge equipment and combined with the expertise and experience of our staff, we are able to provide our customers with top quality products. Our specialist steel cutting machinery is capable of producing an excellent, smooth finish and all steel tubes are thoroughly tested to ensure they offer the maximum in strength and durability. We can also carry out deburring to smooth off any rough edges on the ends of the tubes.

Our experience and equipment also allow us to work quickly to get the job completed within your required time frame. We can provide same day or next day delivery from our selection of available steel tubes, and even when doing bespoke work we are able to get the tubes out to you extremely promptly. We know our clients need optimum efficiency to minimise downtime and that is exactly what we can provide for you.

To discuss our steel cutting work, give us a call, or simply browse the product selection on our website to see the full range of different tube types we can provide for you. Whatever your particular needs you can be sure we have the perfect solution for you.