Square Hollow Section

At Union Steel Tubes our goal is to offer the widest range of high quality tubing we can. To ensure we achieve this we provide various shapes, sizes, wall thicknesses, and finishing methods. As a result, we have hundreds of different options. Clients can come to us for square hollow section (SHS), rectangular, round, or oval products.

What is a SHS?

Square Hollow SectionSquare tubing has a number of different names but it is usually the same product. Some producers refer to the tube as square hollow sections whereas others call it square hollow.

There are even cases when the name for the product includes a reference to the manufacturing process. For example, you may see a manufacturer who calls the product a cold formed square hollow. Here you can see that the tube was made using a cold forming process.

Some producers will also name the product based on the type of metal. For example you can see names like square mild steel hollow.


There are lots of commercial and industrial applications for square hollow section products, especially steel ones. This can include things like furnishings, frames, and lots more. They are also great for an array of structural needs, including columns and beams.

Businesses in an array of industries can use the tubing. However, it is most common for things like construction products and shop fitting.

One of the reasons steel SHS is so useful is the products generally have good strength and impressive weldability. The shape is also easy to work with. As a result, it can work for a huge array of different needs. It also helps that you can finish the tubes with galvanisation or plating if you need to improve the corrosion resistance.

Ask us about our square hollow section range

Union Steel Tubes is confident we offer some of the highest quality products in the UK. In fact, we are an ISO 9001 registered company. That means we have management processes in place to keep our standards very high. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, we have a skilful team and all kinds of useful equipment at our mills and warehouse.

Clients can come to us for products for a huge array of applications. We offer a choice of shapes, thicknesses, and different types of finish. In addition, we provide cutting in-house to cater for length requests.

So, if you want to buy square hollow section products, speak to us. We can keep our lead times very short and have great prices too.