Square ERW tubes

Union Steel Tubes has been assisting its customers with finding the right products for years. Some of our most popular options include square ERW tubes. We have the scope and equipment necessary to take on any job. More importantly, we are an ISO 9001 establishment so we maximise quality. While we have grown to become a successful specialist, we are still small enough that we take time to care about our clients.

A useful product for domestic and industrial applications

ERW tubesPeople commonly use square tubing in domestic and industrial settings. They choose to do so because there are multiple advantages. Many users value the square tube since it has great strength. In addition, it can be capable of withstanding the extremes of destructive elements, pressure, and temperature.

One of the main advantages of square tubing would have to be the uniformity. As well as its mechanical characteristics, this tubing has uniform concentricity. It is the same for the wall thickness. If you are wondering about strength, the tubes can acquire high tensile and yield strength. Thanks to these characteristics, they can endure the elements. If you want to order the highest quality square ERW tubes, contact our company.

Cost effectiveness

Square ERW tubesThis is another attractive factor. Square tubing typically does not require as much processing as other tubes do. Since this is the case, it is capable of offering users cost advantages for applications with higher demands.

Just like other members of the tube family, square tubing is available in a plethora of sizes. This is another thing that makes it appropriate for all sorts of uses.

While we are on the subject of applications, you will find square tubing has uses as a railing along staircases. However, there are other ways of using the tube that are not quite as obvious. You can use them for entrances and entry gates, as well as for fencing around buildings and yards. As you can see, square tubes are capable of offering you many solutions.

Supplying great square ERW tubes

We like to offer a quick an efficient service here. What we mean by this is that we have a wide variety of different tubes ready for rapid delivery. Even though we are fast, we don’t allow this to undermine the quality of our goods.

Our experience has taught us many things over the years. The most important detail is that we must treat each client as an individual. Every order is unique, meaning they require a unique solution. We can cater for this in many ways, including by cutting and finishing tubes in-house.

So, whatever your needs are, we will be sure to supply you with the greatest possible square ERW tubes. Contact us today if you have any questions.