Square ERW Tube Cutting

Union Steel Tubes is the company people come to when they need someone who can meet all their needs. What sets us apart from everyone else is that we are always ready to help with different projects. We even commit to offering top tier work such as square ERW tube cutting to get you bespoke lengths. In addition, it means we can continue to meet the high standards in our industry. Plus it allows us to retain our ISO 9001 certification.

Our team makes use of the best equipment and uses their experience to its maximum potential. Due to this mixture of factors, we can generate impressive and accurate work for every client. The order at hand could be big or small. No matter the circumstances, we go above and beyond to exceed expectations. Because of this, we can meet the highest standards at every stage of the project.

A more advanced industry

Square ERW Tube CuttingThe steel cutting industry is one that has been evolving over the years. New emerging methods and technology have seen to this. We have kept up with each change and have transformed ourselves into a real modern business. We supply all the steel ERW tube cutting services a company could need, including square tubing.

Steel cutting isn’t the simplest of jobs. There are numerous types, thicknesses, sizes, and weights. We have the tools and skills to cut the products in the right ways. This allows us to provide the clients with everything they need in a swift timeframe. We use different forms of equipment too, including utensils that let us perform difficult or large tasks efficiently.

Our regular tolerance on cut lengths is ± 0.5mm. This does depend on the size of the material we are working with though. Even so, we are able to change it depending on your requirements. If necessary, we can make them tighter.

In the majority of cases, after we cut tubes, we are free to deburr them. What we mean is that we can dispose of those rough edges at the ends. We do it with a brush or vibro deburring method. What you get is a neat, smooth finish for your tubing.

The benefits of square tubes

Using the square tubing has its benefits too. People frequently utilise them for industrial and domestic projects. One of the reasons for this is the strength that comes with them. In addition, they can endure the extremes of temperature, pressure, and destructive elements.

Another advantage of square tubing would be its uniformity. High quality products will be uniform in shape as well as their mechanical characteristics. The situation is the same for the wall thickness. If high quality ERW tubing is what you are after, you will definitely get it with us.

Arranging square ERW tube cutting

If you are looking for ERW tubing but need specific lengths, we can cater for you. In fact, we normally make our tubing in long runs and then cut to size to order. This offers more flexibility and a faster lead time.

So, if you are interested in discovering more about our square ERW tube cutting service, you can contact us. We would be happy to talk about what we do and go over your specifications with you.