Round ERW tubes

Union Steel Tubes is a company ready to take on any tubing job. We stock a wide variety of tube so we can cater for most needs. This includes round ERW tubes as well as various other shapes. Our range is broad, including different diameters, wall thicknesses, and more. Trust us to supply the highest quality products you can ask for.

An economically accessible tube

Round ERW tubesIt is a well known fact that ERW tubes in general are some of the most economically accessible ones. The price of producing them is considerably lower than with other designs. Seamless mechanical tubing and drawn over mandrel are far more expensive in comparison. This is one of the main advantages of using ERW but it is not the only one. Industries like construction have many other reasons for using these tubes.


Arguably the most obvious perk of ERW tubes would be the shape. Rolled production strategies enable you to create accurate circular tubing from sheets of metal. The wall thickness here should be the same almost the entire circumference. It is easier to be accurate than it is with creating seamless tube from rods. It is also possible to bend the metal sheeting to create square or rectangle ERW tube with consistent wall thicknesses.


Another advantage is that by using the ERW approach, you can create a wide array of tube sizes. You can roll sheets to create various diameters. You can also work with sheeting that varies in thickness, giving you more options for the wall size. The tolerances can also be very tight. Our team can deliver to a figure of ± 0.5mm at minimum.

Corrosion protection

There is another fact about ERW tubing we would like to share. It is that it permits the successful employment of methods to halt corrosion. You can do this to protect the weld seam and the whole tube. For example you could opt for galvanisation or different types of plating.

Order round ERW tubes

We have ERW tubing in stock that is ready for delivery to customers. We choose to keep many sizes of tube on hand because we like to have next day and same day delivery available. When we receive an order we can cut long lengths of tube to size to suit the client’s needs. Our approach stops businesses from losing out on working time. Don’t think that we compromise on quality to allow fast delivery though; you will still receive first rate goods.

Get in touch with us today if you would like to purchase round ERW tubes. We would be happy to supply you with the products you need.