Rectangular Steel Box Section

Union Steel Tubes is a business known for being able to supply tubing to suit almost any need. Our range even includes rectangular steel box section products. These types of tube have many uses. As a result, they are in quite high demand from businesses all over the UK.

We make it our mission to offer the highest quality products we can. In addition, we have over 200 different tube sizes available. Since this is the case, it is much easier for us to meet the requirements of every client.


Rectangular Steel Box SectionOne of the main reasons people choose tubular steel products is because they are naturally strong. Most importantly, they have good resistance to longitudinal stress. Due to this fact, people use the tubes in applications such as scaffolding. Steel tubing is especially resistant to length ways compression. At the same time, it will provide superior resistance to bending forces when you compare to flat sheets.

Given their shapes, steel tubes are also hollow. The aperture runs their complete length and should be consistent in terms of the diameter. Due to these characteristics, people use them to move fluids like water. In addition, they are a brilliant choice for safeguarding cables.

Thanks to the extra strength, you are free to use the sections above or below ground. While the latter will mean exposure to the elements, galvanisation, plating, or even painting can offer protection for steels that struggle with corrosion. The finishing can also help to protect the steel from groundwater and other sources of wear.

Surprisingly light tubes

You will also be interested to hear that steel sections are light. Since they are hollow, they weigh much less than solid steel bars. This is great to hear if total weight is a concern of yours.

There is a great amount of choice available so you will definitely find sections that are appropriate. However, if you are struggling to find the correct rectangular steel box section or tube, make sure you speak to us.

Steel tubes are very consistent in the cross-sectional shape, diameter, and thickness over the length. This means that it is simple to figure out the total weight of any length and size of tubing. With some basic maths, you will have your answer in mere moments.

Find a quality rectangular steel box section or other products

At Union Steel Tubes we focus on offering quality goods that our clients will appreciate. In fact, we are an ISO 9001 company with all kinds of controls in place to maintain standards. On top of this, we deliver tubing in a hasty manner. With stock items, we tend to get them to clients the next day. As for urgent orders, we try to provide a same-day delivery service.

So, let us know if you want to purchase any size of rectangular steel box section or other tubing. You can even speak to us if you need help deciding on diameter, wall thickness, length, or finish.