Rectangular Hollow Section

Union Steel Tubes is a company with a reputation for excelling in providing high calibre tubing products. We provide everything from the standard round tubes to rectangular hollow section items. With so much experience in our industry, you can count on us to meet all of your specifications. In addition, being an ISO 9001 business, we can ensure you get the best quality. At the same time, we are small enough that we can provide first rate customer care.

Reasons why people use them

Rectangular Hollow SectionOne thing to remember with steel rectangular hollow sections or tubes is they are designed specifically to add extra strength to your projects. They are also lower weight due to the void. You can easily drill, form, punch, and weld the tube too. As a result they give you a viable alternative to other products.

You can use rectangular hollow section products for all sorts of applications as well. Because of this, these tubes are popular in various industries. They can serve as conduits for wires, be frames for handrails or furniture, and much more.

Rectangular tubes have excellent strength-to-weight ratios. Therefore, less steel by weight is needed to finish the job. That means lower costs.

Tubes like these also provide brilliant compression and support features. This lets you use the tubing for a large number of column applications.

Strength and durability

There are plenty of other reasons to use rectangular steel tubes as well. For one thing, there is the durability. Steel tubes are considerably more durable than many other substances.

Even without the other advantages, the sheer strength makes the tube the top pick for the majority of projects. Thanks to the strength, they can endure high pressure, shock, and vibrations. Moreover, in extreme conditions, steel bends rather than breaks. This helps to prevent leaks and spills.


The easy installation is another reason why people use steel products. Custom steel tubing can be produced to any strength, width, and height to meet the specifications of your project. What’s more, you can modify them easily. Any necessary modifications or maintenance should be quick and easy. Steel is an extremely easy metal to use in this respect.

Ordering rectangular hollow section products

Union Steel Tubes are able to satisfy all of your tubing needs. We always make sure that there are plenty of products available ready to cut to size. Plus, our focus has always been to offer everyone first rate utensils for some of the most reasonable prices. In addition we provide a quick delivery service. Depending on your needs, we can arrange same or next day delivery.

So, if you would like to discuss any kind of tube, including rectangular hollow section, you are welcome to get in touch. You can reach us by phone or email.