Rectangle ERW Tube Cutting

Union Steel Tubes is a specialist tubing company that specialises in a plethora of areas. This includes rectangle ERW tube cutting among others. Since we offer different services, we are able to meet a huge variety of requirements. As a result, we are confident that we can provide tubes that will serve you well.

We are a name you can rely on for all of your tube cutting needs. Our engineers have the equipment they need to take care of almost any job, ensuring we can offer bespoke cut lengths. Our team also commits to carrying out first rate work that meets the standards set by the steel cutting industry too. Additionally, the quality standards we meet are a big part of why we are an ISO 9001 company.

We carry out excellent, accurate work

Rectangle ERW Tube CuttingAs well as the high quality equipment we use, we take full advantage of the experience we have. Because of this mixture of factors, we are able to produce accurate and excellent work for everyone. No matter whether the job is small or large, we go above and beyond. Thus, we are able to deliver during every stage of our work.

Steel cutting has changed in recent years, since new trends and technologies have popped up. We have made investments to keep up with these changes and have become a true contemporary company. We provide all the services a client can require when you need tubing, including rectangle ERW tube cutting.

Why are rectangular tubes so special?

Speaking of rectangle tubing, there are several reasons why you should use it. For one thing, these tubes come with outstanding strength-to-weight ratios. With them, you don’t need as much steel by weight to get things done. When there is less weight, there is less cost.

Rectangular tubes come with wonderful support and compression characteristics as well. Plus, their superior resistance makes them a great choice for column applications.

The steel tubes are also fire resistant. They won’t shrink, swell, split, twist, or warp. To gain further fire resistance, the user might spray the tube exterior with a fire-retardant material.

Not to mention, since this is steel we are talking about, the tubes are highly recyclable. Using them is great for the environment because of their long life cycle and fact you can recycle in the future.

The rectangle ERW tube cutting you are looking for

Tube cutting can be a difficult task. This is because there are varying material thicknesses, as well as different sizes and weights. Plus there is the risk of surface damage and compression. Luckily, we have the talent and tools to cut the tubes in the right manner. Consequently, we can supply clients with everything they need in a rapid timeframe.

In the majority of instances, after we finish cutting the tubes, we can also deburr them. This is where we remove those rough edges at the ends. What you get are products with neat, smooth finishes.

So, if you are interested in discovering more about our rectangle ERW tube cutting work, feel free to speak to us. You can ask us about other shapes of tubing as well to see what we can do for you.