Oval Hollow Section

Union Steel Tubes specialises in providing high quality tube merchandise and services. We even excel in offering first rate oval hollow section goods. To ensure that they are worth the price, we test every product before sending it to the client. Then, we can distribute them quickly to keep the lead time to a minimum.

The benefits of oval tubing

Oval Hollow SectionOval tubes come with a myriad of benefits when you compare them to the normal round models you can use. For instance, the shape is more robust. There is less chance of it becoming misshapen.

This tubing is more compact as well. In other words, it won’t take up as much space. Because of this feature, it is an excellent choice for any project with limits on the space there is to work with.

One more interesting detail about oval tubing is that the shape is more on the aerodynamic side. Therefore, it is the perfect candidate for creating exhaust pipes for vehicles.

Important details

Those who need to use oval hollow section products need to keep certain details in mind. For instance, it takes a great amount of talent to adapt and bend the sections. This is the case for every tube that is not circular. The trouble originates from the reality that circular utensils can support themselves following manipulation. This lowers the chances of them misshaping.

Non-round tubing does not have the same support, meaning it can buckle or flatten. Precision, the right gear, and care are necessary to avoid problems. As a result, you should work with professionals if you need to adapt the tubes.

Which kind of oval tubing do you need?

Another important fact is that there is more than one kind of oval. Flat sided and elliptical ovals are the two main variants. The latter is a true oval shape and comes with a continuous round edge. As for the former, true to its name, it possesses flattened sides similar to a rectangular design. The difference however is that it has round ends. Whatever type of oval tubing it is you need, you must take care of your investment so it can do its job properly.

The best place to shop for oval hollow section products

We always make certain that we have a healthy supply of products available. More importantly, when a client needs an oval tube, we make sure they receive products that are precise. Union Steel Tubes has always done all we can to offer quality items that meet your requirements. Additionally, no matter what length of tubing it is you need, we can get it for you.

So, if you would like to purchase oval hollow section products, please give us a call. You can tell us your needs and we can offer advice. We even provide services like cutting and galvanisation in-house.