Oval ERW Tube Cutting

Union Steel Tubes has been in business since 2004. We offer customers first class ERW tubing they can use for many different applications. In addition, we are able to provide a specialist service to cut tubes to specific lengths. Our team can even provide an oval ERW tube cutting service. No matter what it is we are doing though, we strive to meet the highest standards.

The steel cutting industry has seen its fair share of changes over the years. New methods and technology have become prevalent. Our team has been able to keep pace with these changes too. As a result, we are a business that can provide the most efficient steel tube cutting services.

A difficult but worthwhile job

Oval ERW Tube CuttingIt is true that steel cutting is a difficult practice. There are numerous alloys, thicknesses, sizes, and weights of the material. Fortunately, we possess the tools and skills to cut tubes properly, regardless of the specs. This enables us to supply our clients with everything they need in the quickest timeframe.

Our team makes use of all kinds of equipment to get the best results. This includes tools that enable us to perform difficult or large jobs efficiently.

The standard tolerance we have on cut lengths is ± 0.5mm. This does depend on the size of the tube we are working on. However, we are able to modify it depending on your requirements. If you need us to, we can supply you with tighter tolerances.

In the majority of scenarios, after we are done cutting the tubes, we are able to deburr them. What this means is that we will be able get rid of the rough edges existing at the ends. We do it using a brush or vibro deburring method. For your tubes, it means a neat, smooth finish and less risk of injury when handling.

There are multiple types of oval tubing

We can’t have oval ERW tube cutting without the tubes however. There is more than one kind of oval here. It is important to understand this so that you choose the right tubes for your projects. Firstly, there is elliptical tubing. The shape comes with a continuous curve around the entire circumference. It is a decent choice for racks and handrails as the curves make the tubing ergonomic.

Another type of oval tubing is flat side. Here, the tube’s curves are at both ends of your section. The sides however are flat, straight lines like you get with rectangular tube. This is going to be different to a true oval. Using these tubes is beneficial though. For instance, they are easier to mount and have a huge volume.

Contact our team to arrange oval ERW tube cutting

If oval ERW tube cutting is something you think you will need, feel free to speak to our team anytime. We can discuss all the necessary details with you and create a plan. You can reach us by phone or by sending us an email.