Mild Steel Hollow Section

At Union Steel Tubes we know just how versatile hollow sections are. They are suitable for all kinds of structural and mechanical applications. In fact, you can find them on iconic structures all around the world. We are proud to include them in our range, offering a selection that is suitable for an array of projects. If you need mild steel hollow section products, we can create them for you.

Excellent strength to weight ratio

Mild Steel Hollow SectionThe biggest advantage of hollow sections is the strength to weight ratio. They can be lighter than solid forms, whether it is metal bars, concrete, or even timber products. This is because they have the void in the middle. At the same time though, they can retain excellent strength even with the weight savings. This is true whether you use mild steel, stainless, or other alloys.

The good strength to weight ratio is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it means it is possible to make longer spans without them collapsing or requiring additional support. Secondly, the lower weights mean the structures can be airy and light. Finally, because there isn’t as much load, the structures can have smaller foundations and are easier to build. This is better for resource consumption, costs and the environment.


Mild steel hollow section products are suitable for a huge array of different applications. There are some that are appropriate for various construction and engineering needs. This can even include projects where the design must comply with specific building codes.

However, some mild steels won’t have the necessary strength for structural and mechanical applications. These are more general purpose products. They can still be excellent for non-structural components. Plus, you can use them for products like handrails, furnishings, and shop fittings.

What you should always keep in mind is that mild steel and hollow sections are very versatile. Plus, the steels can be sustainable because they are easy to recycle. They can be long lasting too, especially after galvanisation.

Do you need mild steel hollow section products?

Union Steel Tubes is one of the top tubing manufacturers in the UK. As a result we have a lot of experience with hollow sections. We manufacture them in a variety of shapes and sizes, including round, oval, square, and rectangular.

While our broad range is a big selling point, what we are really known for is our exceptionally high standards. We take care with the manufacturing to maximise quality. In fact, we are an ISO 9001 company. Our goal is to ensure every single product we make will tick all of the right boxes and be fit for use.

So, if you want to use mild steel hollow section products in a project, speak to us. We manufacture them with care and can offer various services to cut and finish them. On top of that, we offer great prices and short lead times.