Mild Steel Box Section

At Union Steel Tubes we work hard to offer one of the broadest selections of tubing in the UK. As part of this we provide different shapes, wall thicknesses, and finishes. In addition we have a professional cutting service to deliver a variety of lengths. One product we can offer is a mild steel box section, otherwise known as square tube.

Why choose a box section?

Mild Steel Box SectionWhen most people think about tubes they will imagine round circular ones. While they are the most common style, oval, rectangular and square options are also available. This gives people far more options to choose from.

Square tubing or box sections are great for many applications. For example they can be useful for creating furniture, for construction, for framework, and many other products. The tubes are also perfect for a number of general fabrication uses because it is possible to adapt them in a number of ways.

The properties of mild steel

A lot of people will opt for a mild steel box section when they want this kind of product. That is because the metal offers a number of impressive characteristics.

Like most steels, mild steel is strong and durable. However, it stands out due to the fact that it is ductile and malleable. This is possible because of the low carbon content. What it means is that it is relatively easy to work with the metal. It responds well to various cold forming processes. On top of that it is machinable and weldable.

Choosing your products

As we said above, Union Steel Tubes works to ensure we supply one of the broadest selections of tubing in the UK. We specialise in ERW, producing quality welded tubes at our mill. The welding is high frequency, ensuring the final products are strong and reliable. We also have several checks in place to make sure we are consistent.

To maximise the quality, we are also an ISO 9001 company. What that means is that our focus is on quality management. It is part of our organisation from top to bottom.

Order your mild steel box section

We make sure it is really easy to order products when you need to. You can find out more about many of the sizes we offer on our website. Then, it is a simple case of contacting us to discuss what you need. You can even ask speak to us if you require non-standard sizes and specific finishes. We can arrange to provide almost any kind of tubing.

So, when you need box sections, round ERW tubes, or other products, choose Union Steel Tubes.