Hollow Tubular Sections

Union Steel Tubes is a business that provides its customers with the widest selection of products. There is a huge variety of choice when you shop with us. Hollow tubular sections are especially popular. We offer them in a range of sizes and wall thicknesses. Plus, when you work with us, you can be confident that we supply the highest quality goods.

An efficient and versatile product

Hollow tubular sectionsSteel hollow sections are among the most efficient and versatile tubular products in use today. They are particularly good for mechanical and construction uses. The tube design is naturally efficient and robust. It can provide buildings with a superior strength-to-weight ratio. This is if you compare to timber or concrete. In addition, the ratio leads to less material usage, and enables better spans.

One of the great things about these tubes is they can create aesthetically pleasing and lightweight structures. These are beneficial to communities and environments. They can be very adaptable and you can often extend them with ease. Steel is lighter in weight than other construction mediums. What this can do is let you build extensions while avoiding the overload of foundations. You can recycle, reuse, repair, modify, reconnect, and unbolt the structures too.

Applications for hollow sections

These products are a good option for a collection of applications too. You may not know this, but they are a vital part of many iconic structures. Examples include the frame structure of the JCB Dieselmax, Emirates Stadium, and the London Eye. There are lots of more standard uses too. These include handrails, fences, and trailers.

As for the steel tube, it creates the minimum amount of refuse. If you do have any steel waste such as cut-offs, you will just be able to recycle it. Additionally, building using steel is relatively quiet, dust-free, and dry. You don’t need to have gargantuan amounts of materials brought to your site either. This in turn results in lower site construction times.

Thanks to steel’s aesthetic nature in buildings and structures, you can easily create airy and bright environments. People love working and living in them. Moreover, you can expect long life from the steel, especially if you choose protective coatings or stainless alloys.

We aim to satisfy every customer with our hollow tubular sections

Union Steel Tubes has always cared about providing the best merchandise. The quality of our tubular sections helps us to stand out from every other firm. Our brilliant service and the impressive range of products also help.

As for deliveries, we aim to be as quick as possible. Stock items are normally ready to deliver the next day. We also operate a same-day service for urgent orders. Customers can even choose the option of collecting their products directly from us.

So, if you would like to purchase our hollow tubular sections or want to discuss your needs with us, you are welcome to get in touch. You can talk to us by phone or email.