ERW Tube Suppliers

Union Steel Tubes is a business with a specific purpose; we are professional ERW tube suppliers. We are an ISO 9001 registered establishment that has the scope and equipment to take on every job. At the same time, we are still at a size where we give your business the care and focus it deserves. With every client, we commit to meeting the highest of standards.

A huge amount of variety

ERW Tube SuppliersWith the tubes themselves, there is a massive variety in terms of choice. There are over 200 different sizes available. This instils us with the confidence that we can meet all of your requirements with ease.

As well as sizes, you can find ERW tubes in various shapes. Examples include square, oval, rectangular, and circular. The result is optimal choice. Additional possibilities include pre-galvanised and seamless tubes.

Extensive testing and fast deliveries

Part of our dedication to giving the greatest products to each client is the extensive testing we do on the tubes. We don’t supply them to our customers until we are certain that they are suitable for use. When stock gets the all clear, we ensure that it is ready for a fast delivery. A quick delivery is also why we keep a huge number of tubes in stock. One of the last things we want is you losing essential working time simply because you don’t have the tools you need.

Despite the service being rapid, we are careful not to compromise on quality at any point. So, if you wish to work with the most skilful ERW tube suppliers, please contact us.

We offer steel cutting and processing

steel cuttingAnother important element of our company is our steel cutting and processing service. With our sophisticated technology and the most professional workers using it, we have no trouble producing accurate results. Regardless of whether the job is small or big, we go above and beyond to satisfy our clients.

There are those who will know that the steel cutting industry has been changing over the years. New methods and technologies keep appearing, changing how we do things. We have been able to keep up with all of these evolutions. In the process, we have become a truly modern business.

Steel cutting does come with some obstacles. After all, there are multiple tube sizes, weights, and thicknesses to work with. However, we have all the equipment and talent necessary to provide clients with what they ask for. We also make sure to do this on time. Even the most difficult tasks are ones our team can carry out efficiently.

Work with top ERW tube suppliers

The most important thing our time in operation has taught us is that everyone deserves a service that is personal. It must also be unique to them. We do everything we can to provide this every time. This includes merging talent together with attention to detail.

If you need to get in touch with the leading ERW tube suppliers, you can fill out our contact form here. You can also reach us by phone or email.