ERW Tube Cutting

Union Steel Tubes has been trading since 2004. Our purpose is to provide clients with first rate ERW tubing products. We are able to accomplish this because of the services we offer, which includes ERW tube cutting. We have everything we need to cut the tubing to any length. In addition, we are committed to providing top tier work to meet the high standards in our industry.

We provide up to date services

ERW Tube CuttingThe thing about the steel cutting industry is that it has had a significant evolution in recent history. We are witnessing all sorts of new emerging methods and technology. Our business has been able to keep pace with these changes. Consequently, we have become a true contemporary company. We are able to supply every client with all of the ERW tube cutting services a modern business could possibly need.

Something to note is that cutting steel tube is a difficult job to complete. This is because of all the varying sizes, weights, and thicknesses of the material you are using. Thankfully, we possess the utensils and skills necessary to cut the tubes in the proper ways. Because of this, we can provide the clients with what they need quickly. Furthermore, we utilise all sorts of different equipment. This includes tools that permit us to perform difficult or huge tasks efficiently.

With cut lengths, our normal tolerance is ± 0.5mm. This depends on the size of the tube we are cutting. Yet, we have the ability to modify this depending on your specific requirements. If you need us to, we are able to supply tighter tolerances too.

The deburring process

In the majority of instances, following the cutting of tubes, we are able to deburr them. For those unfamiliar with the term, this is where we remove all those rough edges found at the ends. Our technicians can accomplish this with a brush or vibro deburring technique. The result is a neat, smooth finish for the tubes.

Contact our team today to arrange ERW tube cutting

The contemporary technology our team employs allows us to make the most of the service. When we combine this equipment with our talents, we can produce accurate and excellent work for every client. It does not matter whether the project is small or huge in scale; we have what it takes to succeed.

Union Steel Tubes can also guarantee that the highest standards shall remain upheld during every phase of the work. Plus, we strive to give each client the personal and unique services they deserve.

If you are interested in finding out more about our ERW tube cutting work, feel free to contact us. We will discuss all the details with you.