ERW Steel Tubing

Union Steel Tubes works to provide the UK with the best ERW steel tubing available. We are an ISO 9001 Company. Because of our status, you can rely on us to focus on quality in every area. Furthermore, we are still small enough that we can supply an excellent degree of customer care. For each client, we want to meet the highest standards. There is a lot of choice with our products too, with more than 200 separate sizes. No matter what your requirements are, we are certain we can meet them.

Our utensils come in a series of shapes too, like square, oval, rectangular, and round. You have optimum choice with us. Additional options include pre-galvanised and seamless tubes. As part of the quality checks, everything is tested before it is released as well. This ensures we are providing the finest products.

What is an ERW tube?

ERW Steel TubingThe ERW tube is a product that we create via electrical resistance welding. It offers it optimal wall thickness and cost effectiveness if you compare to seamless tubing. It has seen extensive use in machinery, scaffolding, fencing, and more. The tubes have a plethora of diameters too, and can also have different attributes. These will depend on the material and end use.

Something that is especially valuable about ERW steel tubing is its versatility. It is useful for a huge range of applications, from construction to gas and fluid movement. Other uses include furniture production and transport. There is the creation of interiors for contemporary commercial and residential structures as well. It is also possible to use ERW tubes as consumable materials for a multitude of goods.

It is not difficult to see out how widespread these tubes are. All you need to do is look around and you will find them all over the place. They are on the fencing of sites and buildings, street benches, public transport stops, canopies, and railings. In addition, ERW tubing has been employed to transport fluids. They can move other forms of media too, even at high temperatures. This only serves to reinforce the status of these tubes as durable.

The characteristics

When you are selecting ERW tubes, it is essential for you to consider their characteristics. At the same time though, you must think about the medium that you will be moving through them. These can be gases or liquids. Consider how aggressive they are. Such factors will dictate your choice of tubing. This is in relation to composition and the attributes of the materials used for their creation.

Another important thing to consider is the strength. There are lots of different options with steel ERW tubes. For example it could be mild or low carbon steel. It is cost effective and has good strength. Or you may want a stronger material like stainless or high carbon steel.

Start doing business with us if you need ERW steel tubing

Whatever it is you require from your ERW tube, Union Steel Tubes can give it to you. In addition to our regular sizes, we can offer tubes in more specific lengths. This is possible thanks to our steel cutting and processing service. Also, there are different finishes like chrome or zinc plated to give you even more options.

What’s more, we will have everything ready to deliver to you rapidly. For stock items, they are normally out for delivery the next day. As for more urgent orders, we can offer clients same day delivery in many cases. If you want to, you also have the option of picking up your order directly from us.

The quality of our products and services, and how we conduct business helps us to stand out. We are completely committed to our customers as well. Union Steel Tubes cares about supplying you with the ideal items for your specifications.

So, if there is anything you want to discuss with us about ERW steel tubing, feel free to get in touch. We can share our knowledge about characteristics, uses, and much more.