ERW Pipe

Union Steel Tubes has a long history of providing quality tubing and piping products. We are known for offering first class ERW pipe items in a plethora of sizes to meet many different requirements. In addition, we have them for sale in a selection of shapes for the same reason.

ERW steel pipes are standardised circumferential welded utensils. We fabricate them by helically welding together longitudinal hot-rolled steel strips. Products such as these can endure high temperatures and pressures. Because of such features, they have a lot of use in the processing industries. ERW pipes are also convenient and don’t cost all that much to assemble. Furthermore, we are able to produce them at great speeds and ensure they have great durability.

Electric Resistance Welding

ERW PipeERW is a straightforward acronym that stands for Electric Resistance Welding. It is the most crucial process in creating the pipes and has benefits over other methods.

Usually, these products are thinner if you compare to other variants. The strength-to-weight ratio is also extremely high. This makes everything lighter and cheaper to use.

ERW steel pipes are well-built, reliable, and economical. Back in 2013, they accounted for roughly 22% of the global pipeline market. They have been around for more than 120 years as well thanks to their durability and the fact they can endure great pressures whilst preserving flexibility.

We produce ERW pipe in a series of qualities and diameters. These will depend on the metal’s thickness, as well as other features such as the smoothness and straightness. ERW piping will last for years thanks to the quality.

Important distinctions

ERW steel pipes might appear similar to other products at first glance. However, there are some massive distinctions. When working on ERW pipe, you need to weld them rationally. What this means is that every area where the section curves or bends is welded. It makes them considerably more durable than other varieties of metal pipes. There are fewer seams too.

These pipes supply users with a welded and modular system that can easily contain gases, liquids, and solids. As a result, they have lots of uses.

The durability and strength of ERW pipes is also more uniform when you compare to other types. Due to this, they are able to carry heavy loads over long distances.

Moreover, the pipes are relatively lightweight and more cost efficient than the alternatives. If necessary, we can cut them to size too.

Also, fewer welding procedures are necessary here so manufacturing produces a smaller amount of fumes and emissions. Thus, these pipes end up being better for the environment as well.

We provide the best quality ERW pipe

We have been supplying stellar ERW products for many years now. Since we are an ISO 9001 Registered Company, we always maximise quality and can handle orders of any size. At the same time, we can provide top tier customer care.

So, if you would like to purchase our ERW pipe, please get in touch. There are lots of options and we are always happy to recommend products for various end uses.