ERW Pipe Suppliers

Union Steel Tubes has been one of the UK’s finest ERW pipe suppliers for many years. As an ISO 9001 establishment, we have several quality management processes in place. In addition, we are capable of handling orders of any size. At the same time, we are still small enough to maintain an excellent standard of customer care. We believe that every client deserves the highest standards from us, and that is what we provide.

Lots of options

One of the most notable things here is we have a considerable selection of choice in regards to our tubing options, with there being over 200 sizes. Plus, the pipes come in a myriad of shapes such as oval, round, square, and rectangular. There are also other options like pre-galvanised. So, we are confident we can cover all of your requirements.

To ensure that we offer the best items, we subject each pipe to careful testing before shipping. When you use our services, you can be confident that you are ordering the finest merchandise.

A cost efficient utensil

ERW Pipe SuppliersERW pipes are a very cost efficient option due to how easy it is to manufacture them. The process involves rolling steel sheets into the appropriate shape and then welding to join the two edges to each other. Once you weld, there is grinding to leave behind a smooth continuous finish.

ERW is the cheapest tube solution and has much variance in relation to what sizes you can pick. It is possible to select a multitude of thicknesses. Your only limitation here is the power of the rolling machinery and how thick the initial plate is. Rolled pipes are able to range from very compact to the bigger scale solutions for industrial settings. Consumers can easily select the proper wall thickness and diameter.

With ERW, it is also extremely simple to create huge batches of merchandise in a short space of time. One way to do this is to produce very long pieces of tube then cut them to the necessary length. Thus, bulk orders are possible even if your schedule is tight. All tube ends are deburred as well to dispose of jagged material produced from cutting. So, you may be able to use the tubes right away.

Minimal waste

When it comes down to ERW piping, accuracy is critical. We excel here to keep waste to a minimum. Plus there is very little wastage with this type of welding to begin with. That is because it does not require any filler material. On top of that, we use efficient machinery.

One thing some people criticise about ERW pipes is the strength. However, with good materials and effective manufacturing they can be extremely strong. We achieve very high standards here with the welding, cutting, and more. We offer different finishes too like chrome or zinc plated. This provides even more choice and can also improve strength and corrosion resistance.

We stand out from other ERW pipe suppliers

Union Steel Tubes provides quality products and we deliver quickly where possible. Stock items are typically with clients the next day. However, we can often cater for urgent and emergency orders. Here, depending on the tube, we can offer same-day delivery. You have the option of collecting the pipes directly from us as well if it is your preference.

The sheer number of options we have available, the quality of our merchandise, and our commitment to providing an outstanding service helps us to stand out. We care about making sure you have the perfect utensils to meet your specifications. So, if you would like to work with one of the UK’s leading ERW pipe suppliers, please give us a call.