ERW Box Section

At Union Steel Tubes we work hard to help clients from various industries to choose the right products. At the same time, we do all we can to maintain quality and consistency. This is what makes us one of the top suppliers of steel tubing in the UK. So, if you need an ERW box section or a different shape of tube, you can rely on us.

What is a box section?

ERW Box SectionOne thing we appreciate about our industry is how difficult it can be at times to understand all the different terms. This can be even trickier when there are several for the same things. We can support clients here.

A box section is a good example of a product where people can get confused. It is also known as a hollow structural section (HSS). This is any kind of metal profile where the cross section is hollow, unlike a solid bar or block. The box sections have this kind of profile. As a result some people refer to them as square or rectangular HSS. The terms are interchangeable and mean the same thing.

A choice of sizes

While our ability to advise clients and help them to choose products is a big selling point, it is not the only reason to work with us. In addition we offer one of the broadest selections of sizes in the UK. This can include an array of diameters to cater for many different needs. On top of that, we stock sections with different wall thicknesses.


We also have a reputation for the high standards of our products. For one thing we are an ISO 9001 company with everything in place to deliver on our promise to maximise quality. This includes the right controls and processes. In addition, we take care to only use quality steel and the right equipment. If that wasn’t enough, our team are experts with the best skills and a huge amount of experience.

Ordering ERW tube box section

Clients from a huge array of industries can come to us to order the ERW tubing they need. We are confident we can cater for any needs, even if we need to create bespoke tubes at our mill. However, in most cases we have stock sizes ready to cut to size and prepare for dispatch. This means we can usually offer next or same day delivery on orders.

So, if you want an ERW box section for any project, contact us to place an order. We can also offer help if you are unsure what kind of dimensions you need.