Stainless ERW Tube

Here at Union Steel Tubes, we excel in creating the highest quality tubing. We offer a wide range of products, including stainless ERW tube. No matter the client or their needs, we commit to offering the highest standards. In addition, we are an ISO 9001 registered company. Since this is the case, we have systems in place to manage orders of any size. We don’t compromise customer care to do this. As a result we provide the best quality from start to finish.

We have many tube sizes available

Stainless ERW tubeWe can supply customers with more than 200 separate sizes of tubes. Because of this, the team is always confident that it can meet the requirements of every client. Moreover, they come in a series of shapes too. Examples would be oval, square, rectangular, and circular. Some of the other possibilities include pre-galvanised and seamless models. Talk to us if you need a stainless ERW tube or any other style.

Our goal is to ensure we can supply tubing as quickly as possible. To do this we keep lots of tubing in stock, holding most standard sizes. In most cases we can offer same or next day delivery. As a result you won’t have to lose important working hours whilst waiting for your orders.

Another notable practice of ours is subjecting every tube to careful testing before we send them out. Thanks to this, we can make certain we are giving everyone the best merchandise possible.

Cutting service

ERW tubeOne other area we specialise in is cutting tubing. We have done all we can to remain up to date with advances in technology and technique here. The result of this is that we have become a true expert. We provide a high quality service to effectively cut different types of tubes. This includes all varieties of stainless ERW tube as well as various other materials.

Cutting is not something that an untrained individual should attempt. This is due to the differing sizes, weights, and thicknesses that come with the materials. It is a task with several risks, including injury and damage to the tubing. Fortunately, we possess the tools and talents to cut the tubes in the right way. We do this safely and to ensure an accurate, clean cut.

Our regular tolerance on the cut lengths is +0.5mm. However, this depends on the size of the object we are cutting though. It is also possible for us to change the tolerances depending on your specifications. If necessary, we can tighten or expand it.

In the majority of instances, once we have cut the tubes, we can deburr them. This involves getting rid of the rough edges at the end. We accomplish this via a brush or vibro deburring technique. It will smooth the ends of the tube, leaving a great finish.

Come to us for stainless ERW tube

If you want to discover more about our tube products or other services, feel free to get in touch. We are always easy to contact by email or phone. Our number is 01902 881222 and the address is